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The Dawn of Super Storage

Tesla’s ground-breaking announcement of its utility-scale Powerpack battery systems heralds the dawn of electricity super-storage. 

This means big shipping container and factory sized batteries that give us clean and cheap energy exactly where and when we need it.

Why do we need to store our electricity like this? 

The government has begun its long term commitment to turn off the UK’s coal and oil fired power stations and generate more and more electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind. As they do this, we need to find new ways to be able to access this clean electricity at any time, whatever the weather. 

Our national grid wasn’t designed to cope with the fluctuations of the wind and sun, nor the variations in electricity use that our lifestyles demand of the grid. We need electricity super-storage that will capture the surplus energy produced in optimal weather conditions and at “off-peak” times, delivering it back to us when we need it most.

At Cumulus Energy Storage we have been planning for this opportunity since 2012. 

We have designed new electricity super-storage that can be simply deployed alongside renewables sites as well as at the heart of cities, being easily integrated into industrial centres and processes and be a vital part of a grid infrastructure renewal programme. 

To achieve this we have ruthlessly focused on three things: 

Creating a scalable solution that can be used around the world - our UK team is leading a cleantech revolution in the industrial heartland of Sheffield and our San Francisco R&D team resides in the global epicentre of energy storage innovation, investment and deployment. We know what our customer needs are, from coping with brown-outs to securing off-grid generation, and we have developed a 'storage as a service' business model so there is no big upfront cost for installation. 

Developing a battery technology that delivers Megawatt capacity at the cheapest price - our grid-level batteries will store a market leading capacity of up to 100MWh with the lowest LCOE, globally. At £525 per kWh, we can provide an economical energy storage solution matched only by electricity from pumped hydro, and no other energy source can be implemented as close to where it’s actually needed.

Delivering maximum reliability - our patented innovation is based on using a proven chemical process that has existed for 200 years, in a novel way. We have taken the materials Alessandro Volta used in his Voltaic Pile and developed it further to make it rechargeable. This approach of using copper and zinc, the 25th and 26th most abundant materials on Earth, means our batteries can be rolled out rapidly and at scale. The ability to maintain our batteries whilst in operation gives them the important advantage of a 30-year lifetime, comparable to the lifetime of the rest of the assets in the electricity supply chain.

The market drivers are picking up pace. Legislation, innovation and above all, demand from commercial and industrial customers are driving the rapid adoption and implementation. The dawn of electricity super-storage is upon us and at Cumulus Energy Storage, we’re thinking big with batteries.


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