Cumulus Energy Storage (Cumulus) aims to be the leading manufacturer and developer of grid-level energy storage batteries with the lowest levelised cost of storage (LCOS) globally.

Large scale storage is an essential part of the future of energy. We need electricity super-storage to give industry the freedom of instantly available renewable electricity; give the grid capacity to deliver security of supply; and give time-shifting to renewables so that solar energy after sunset becomes reality.

The market drivers for energy storage are set in legislation. Increasing distributed renewables generation, especially the growth in solar PV on top of onshore and offshore wind, is causing pain points for grid infrastructure and incumbent generators; creating urgent global need for reliable low-cost, scalable grid-level energy storage.

Cumulus has taken the bold and visionary step of combining a 200 year old battery technology with industrial scale mining and water treatment processes, to create a disruptive opportunity – electricity super-storage. Using patent granted technology, we have created a low-cost grid-scale rechargeable Copper-Zinc battery.

With financial support from the UK government and equity investment, Cumulus plans to build pilot line production, followed by full production capacity. Supported by global component manufacturers and continental-level forming and assembly plants, we will then deliver our super-storage products and services to customers through local project developers.

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